BMW F3 CUV gets green light

Seems like BMW has finally figured out what to do with their plans of building a CUV or a MPV. Previously reported, BMW was planning 5-Series based MPV as well as a smaller CUV based on the 3-Series dubbed as the F3. While there have been no reports on the progress of the 5-Series based MPV, the F3 has received the green light for production.

According to AutoWeek, when BMW’s new CEO Norbert Reithofer arrived and reviewed the five-seater CUV in 2006, he gave the F3 a thumbs up for production.

By combining the high seating position of a sport/utility vehicle with the space afforded by a traditional station wagon, crossovers appear to be providing an clear alternative to buyers,” a BMW insider told AutoWeek. “Our goal is to bring a CUV to market offering the best possible dynamics.”

With the way the current development patterns are going we probably won’t see the F3 until 2010. The 5-Series based MPV is expected to be revealed in mid-2009 but we really hope BMW learns from the slow sales of the Mercedes R-Class.

Source: AutoWeek

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