More info on the 2011 BMW 6-Series

Note: Photos were taken down by request of AutoBild. Please click through to their site to see the images.

There is no doubt that the current BMW 6-Series has earned itself much deserved respect with average of 20,000 units per year. Well now for 2011, AutoBild is reporting that the BMW 6-Series will get bigger, sportier and sexier.

BMW will add 80 millimeters to the wheelbase of the next generation 6-series and will shorten the front overhang by 40 millimeters. The roof line will be lowered by 10 millimeters giving the car a more stretched yet sportier feel.

The inside of the next generation 6-Series will get a new center console with the new joystick gear selector that you see in the 2006 BMW X5, along with extra features like heated head rests.

Expect to see three engine levels that produce 306, 408 and (M6) 507 horsepower. Of course you get more manual settings to confuse you like active cruise control with brake interference, VDC (adjustable feathers/springs and absorber), DPC (transverse moment distribution at the rear axle), TLC (trace retaining assistant), DKG (double clutch transmission).

Sources tell AutoBild that BMW will start the 6-Series cabrio production six months before the Coupe in January 2011. Why? Well, one the BMW 6-Series cabrio is more popular than the coupe and because BMW would like the spring business.

Source: AutoBild

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