2012 BMW 3-Series to be based on CS Concept

The BMW 3-Series is the best selling model in BMWs portfolio and time-and-time again the sports sedan has won numerous accolades that are very well deserved. Unlike the 5 and 7-Series, that received drastic radical changes in their recent design, BMW has stayed consistent with styling of the 3-Series. When time came in 2006 for BMW to update the 3-Series, they stayed away from the edgy and controversial design route of the 5 and 7-Series.

Well that’s all about to change in 2012. According to Auto Motor Sport, the 2012 BMW 3-Series will be based on the BMW CS Concept that was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. Most of the changes will be made to the front fascia with a large grill, large intakes and sharp headlamps.

While the Auto Motor Sport rendering may give off the impression that it is larger in size compared to its predecessors, the 2012 BMW 3-Series will only add five centimeters to its width.

Source: Auto Motor Sport

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