Audi S5 vs BMW 335i: It all comes down to pricing

Audi claims that the new Audi A5 and S5 handle better than any Audi ever made, but can it take on the king of handling? Mike Duff of AutoCar put the Audi S5 up against the BMW 335i and here is what he found.

Handling: Handling is said to be better than previous Audi’s with the use of the 40:60 front-rear torque distribution found in the RS4, but BMW counters with steering response and perfect handling balance. The Audi S5 still keeps up by being more agile than the 335i with near-perfect traction out of slow corners. Basically the sportiest non-RS badged car made by Audi, Audi S5 holds handling up to par with the 335i.

Engine: Audi S5 takes this one with its 4.2 liter V8 354 horsepower. The BMW 335i uses a 3.0 liter inline-6 300 horsepower engine.

0-62 mph: Audi S5 leaves the BMW 335i in the rear-view-mirror with 5.1 seconds while the BMW 335i takes 5.5 seconds.

Room: One six-footer can fit in the rear-seat of the BMW 335i more comfortably than the Audi S5, where they will find their knees crushed and their heads pressed against the roof lining.

Pricing: The Audi S5 costs a whopping £6030 more than a 335i in SE trim, and £4155 more than the 335i M-Sport trim.

Winner: BMW 335i. While the Audi S5 offers a little more kick than the BMW 335i, the huge price difference, according to Duff, can’t be justified.

Source: AutoCar