Honda: Promises FCX fuel-cell sedan and new hybrid in 2008

At a demonstration of prototypes for the Honda FCX Concept on Thursday, Honda promised that it will put the sleek hydrogen fuel-cell sedan into limited production in the middle of next year. “The consumer focus is where we need to put more attention,” says Steve Ellis, Honda fuel-cell marketing manager. “We started with fleets, added a few consumers, now we’re going to swing the pendulum.”

The good news is that the production version will look very close to the concept version. As for the bad news; due to the limited number of hydrogen pumps around the US, Honda will lease the production FCX to a few select number of people. Honda didn’t say how many it will built or how much they will lease it out for, but you are most likely to see them in the dozen states that have hydrogen fueling stations like California.

The Honda FCX sedan produces 129 horsepower with a top speed of 100 mph. The car uses compressed hydrogen as fuel and is powered by lithium ion battery, giving it the ability to have a range of 570km (354 miles) while omitting zero emissions.

Honda also said that it will be producing a mass-market hybrid in the US within two years which will be priced under the Honda Civic hybrid. We suspect the hybrid car will be most likely based on the Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Source: USAToday