Next generation Range Rover: Greener, lighter and sharper

The next generation Range Rover won’t be out on the market until 2012, but Land Rover is putting the finishing touches on what is reported to be the new look for the next-generation Range Rover Sport, Discovery, Freelander and Defender, plus possible additional new models.

But the key feature for the next generation Ranger Rover isn’t so much the sharper design; it’s the aluminum bodyshell that will reduce weight by 40 percent (between 300kg and 400kg). Sources have told AutoCar that they are just waiting for approval from top management at Ford and expect the green light within the next few months.

Power will come from a two versions of a 5.0 liter V8 direct injection engine producing around 350 horsepower and 460 horsepower. A hybrid powertrain is also in the works to make this the ultimate low CO2 emissions SUV.

Of course all these new features come at a price. With sharper design, lighter body weight, new engines and a possible hybrid variant, the new Range Rover will have a price of around £100,000.

Source: AutoCar

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