High gas prices? Who cares? These SUVs still have their fans

According to CNNMoney.com it seems no matter how high gas prices are, the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator and the Chrysler Aspen still have their fans. Who cares if the Escalade and Navigator get only 15 mpg of combined fuel economy or if the Aspen only gets 16 mpg. Actually we’re going to go ahead and add the HUMMER H2 to CNN’s list, which has a fuel economy of 17 mpg combined. The point is, these big and bad American SUVs are still selling no matter how fuel-inefficient they are or how high the gas prices are.

Us Americans care little about the environment, and supposedly our wallets as well, and would rather not drive around in little hatchbacks than our big status symbol SUVs.

2007 Lincoln Navigator Gallery:




2007 Cadillac Escalade Gallery:



2007 Chrysler Aspen Gallery:



2008 HUMMER H2 Gallery:


Source: CNNMoney

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