Volvo: “We cannot afford to mimic the German brands…Volvo is an underdog brand.”

While many think that Volvo stands in line with other luxury German auto makers, it’s apparent that the Swedish company was never in the business to compete with the likes of BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Well now the company is realizing that it is having a hard time making its brand stand out from the upper-class herd and has hired Arnold Communications, of Boston, and Nitro, of London, to do its marketing and ad work.

The plan is simple; keep pushing the safety factor but put a strong emphasis on brand and identity. “We cannot afford to mimic the German brands,” Ellis said. “Volvo is an underdog brand. We need to find a way to stand out and not be ignored.

The first task for Arnold Communications will be to change the way Volvo launches its products. Every new launch will expand on Volvo’s expression of their brand strategy.

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