Volkswagen kills Tourer SportVan production plan

Note: Photos were taken down by request of AutoBild. Please click through to their site to see the images.

Remember the Mercedes-Benz R-Class looking Volkswagen Tourer SportVan? Well new Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn, has killed the plans of putting the car into production due zero chances of success in the market. “The decision is a reflex on the flop Mercedes R-class”, said a Volkswagen insider.

Plans for the Volkswagen Tourer SportVan started under Wolfgang’s time when the company was looking to expand its lineup. The Tourer was supposed to be a direct competitor to the Mercedes-Benz R-Class.

According to this AutoBild photo-rendering, we think the Volkswagen Tourer would have kicked some serious Mercedes R-Class butt. Well let’s hope that one day Volkswagen pulls it of the shelves and brings it to the market.

Source: AutoBild

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