GoLoco.org: Look for strangers to carpool with

Are you looking for a complete stranger to share your morning rush hour with? How about a wonderful morning conversation with someone you know nothing about? Well GoLoco.org can help you find that perfect stranger to be stuck in traffic with. Okay, maybe we’re being a little too cynical but can you blame us? While it may be a little awkward, GoLoco.org is probably one of the best creations for a carpool service.

The site connects a group of people looking for rides or people looking to save some money with the increasing gas prices by car pooling. How does it work?

  1. Logon to http://www.goloco.org/ and create a profile.
  2. Post a trip to any group of people you choose (close friends; social, sports, or outing clubs; employer or university; or everyone).
  3. See profiles of people whose trips match your own. Decide whether you’d like to travel with them.
  4. Accept a trip as is, or negotiate online.
  5. Meet up at a specific location and time.

Head over to GoLoco.org and check it out.

Source: GoLoco (via AutoBlog)