Lutz: ‘Let Me Tell You a Few Things…’

Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of GM, doesn’t seem like a big fan of the blogsphere and he’s out to put rest to a few rumors that have been floating around some automotive blogs. First of all, Lutz is not retiring, at least not anytime soon. “This was clearly an Internet prank gone hopelessly awry “” and not a very clever one either.”

Second, all of us wondering whether or not the Buick Park Avenue or one or more of the Chevrolet Triplets are coming to America, Bob Lutz simply tells us, “We don”t discuss our future product plans.”

Well there you have it, from the Lutz man himself. Stop bothering him now, he’s a busy man. Head over to FastLane to read the rest of his post and some of the interesting comments.

Source: GM FastLane Blog