No Volkswagen Scirocco for the US

Adrian Hallmark has been asking his bosses over at Volkswagen AG to expand the US vehicle lineup and after much push, his plan has cleared major obstacles set by his German bosses. But now, Automotive News reports that when it came to the Scirocco, Hallmark said “We don’t want it.”

Even though the popular vehicle, that VW produced from 1974 to 1982,┬áhas huge fans over in the US, Hallmark said that the new Scirocco would detract sales from the GTI. “The GTI is iconic — it’s as strong a name as the Beetle,” Hallmark says. “It is economically suicidal for us to risk the sales volume and the potential for GTI.”

The Scirocco and the GTI share the same engine, chassis and suspension, except the Scirocco has been lowered for greater performance.

We wonder if you guys would give up the GTI for the Scirocco? Tough question.