Going Small: HUMMER H4 confirmed for 2010

Late September of this year Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman, told reporters at the opening of Hummer”s new dealership in Paris. “Hummer needs some more products. It needs two or three more products to give it sufficient market coverage.” While the Hummer H4 has been rumored for some time now, Hummer’s General Manager, Martin Walsh, has confirmed that the company will bring the car to the market in 2010.

He said that the H4 will be built on an upcoming compact GM platform that will allow the company to build a smaller vehicle. “Our growth will be downwards in terms of size,” Mr Walsh says, adding: “Opportunities will lie in smaller segments.” However, he said Hummer will still focus on it’s “iconic design” and leading off-road capabilities.

Hummer is hoping that the smaller H4 will give it strong ground to compete against the likes of the Nissan Murano and other compact SUVs. In the United States alone, Walsh believes that a smaller vehicle line-up could add between 30,000 and 40,000 sales.

The Hummer H4 is expected to make its debut at the next Detroit Auto Show.

Source: GoAuto (via AutoBlog)

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