Shanghai Auto Show: Audi unveils Cross Coupe Concept – Q5 on the way?

We just told you earlier today that Audi will be unveiling a new crossover concept that is supposedly dubbed as S07 and today Audi has released the first images and details on the car. Officially called the Audi Cross Coupe quattro, the compact crossover is most likely a concept version of the long rumored Q5 SUV that will compete with the upcoming Mercedes-GLK and the existing BMW X3.

The Audi Cross Coupe quattro is powered by a four-cylinder inline TDI engine with common-rail fuel injection that produces of 204 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. Using the Bluetec system, the 2.0 TDI needs just 5.9 litres of diesel per 100 km. The Audi Cross coupe is matted with the sporty Audi S tronic dual-clutch gearbox and a Haldex clutch ensures that traction is precisely distributed.

The Cross Coupe debuted with a number of new technologies including an efficiency driving mode that saves fuel-economy by deactivating components that are energy-hungry like the air-conditioning. Another innovation is the MMI touch pad control panel.

So far it is unknown whether the Audi Cross Coupe concept is the basis of the rumored Q5.

Audi Cross Coupe Gallery (click thumbnails to enlarge images):



Press Release:

The compact performance SUV
Audi Cross Coupé quattro

At the Shanghai Motor Show (20 – 28 April 2007) Audi will present a study that defines a new segment in the field of crossover vehicles. The Audi Cross Coupé quattro combines the design and dynamism of a compact premium sports car with the spaciousness and versatility of a four-seat sport utility vehicle (SUV). Innovative technical solutions show new ways of achieving efficiency, driving pleasure and comfort in a manner that is typical of Audi. The Audi Cross Coupé quattro: a car whose visual appearance clearly tells you what it is capable of and whose engineering matches this standard – on all roads, under all conditions.

The silhouette is typical Audi; the design of the study, painted in Liquid Silver, is highly reminiscent of the sporty models produced by the Ingolstadt brand. The proportions and the large 20″ wheels point clearly towards the offroad potential of the Cross Coupé quattro. A new element is the fabric folding roof, which, when it is open, gives optimum levels of headroom and fresh air. The hood is opened and closed electrically. The transversely installed four-cylinder inline TDI engine with common-rail fuel injection and piezo injectors is a completely new development. With power output of 204 bhp and 400 Nm of torque, it gives the vehicle a sporty performance and a surprising degree of efficiency. On average the ultra-modern 2.0 TDI needs just 5.9 litres of diesel per 100 km. The diesel particulate filter and Bluetec system reduce soot and nitric oxide emissions effectively. Even today, the Audi Cross Coupé quattro satisfies the emissions standards of the future. The quattro permanent four-wheel drive system is a matter of course on an Audi with offroad potential. A Haldex clutch ensures that traction is precisely distributed according to the situation. The sporty Audi S tronic dual-clutch gearbox executes gearshifts in a matter of milliseconds.

The running gear, featuring a McPherson-strut front axle and a four-link rear axle is perfect for sporty and agile handling that retains a high degree of stability and makes cornering distinctly fun. As an additional quality, the driving comfort of the running gear impresses on all types of road and in rough terrain, meeting even the standards expected of a vehicle in a higher class. Ceramic brake discs promise excellent, non-fading deceleration. 20″ wheels give the Cross Coupé quattro the ground clearance required.

Numerous electronic systems support the driver. The Audi drive select system makes it possible to preselect three highly individual configurations for the engine, gearbox, steering and adaptive shock absorbers. The result: a car that can be enjoyed in three completely different ways.

Besides the standard “dynamic” drive select mode and the “sport” setting, the Audi Cross Coupé also has the “efficiency” driving program. Here, the engine map and the shift points are modified to support a particularly economical driving style. In addition, the system deactivates components that are particularly energy-hungry, for example the air-conditioning compressor.

Another innovation is the MMI control panel, which is operated by a touch pad. The monitor of the system employs, for the first time, dual-view technology. The system can produce different images for the driver and front-seat passenger. These images are only visible when viewed from a specific angle. This allows the driver to read data from the on-board computer while the front passenger watches a TV programme, listening to the sound through headphones.

The sound system with the prominent extending tweeters sets a new infotainment standard in the class. The ambient lighting with numerous light sources gives the interior a stylish ambience, even at night.