Funny but true: Ford vehicles comparable to Toyota in quality

Even our last week’s ‘Funny but true’ post was about Ford being the ‘most trusted’ brand in the UK, and Ford steals the honor again this week.  It seems that the quality of Ford vehicles is up to par with their Japanese competitors including Toyota and Nissan. According to the first-quarter 2007 model-year Global Quality Research System report by the RDA Group, Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles have the same quality as Toyota and Nissan.

Consisting of survey of more than 30,000 owners of 2007 models that owned the vehicle for at least three months, the research found that Ford, Lincoln, Mercury brand vehicles had 1,456 problems per 1,000 vehicles, compared with Toyota’s 1,453 and Nissan’s 1,457.

The scary part in all this is that Ford’s most popular new vehicles, the Ford Edge and Ford Super Duty, were not involved in the survey. The 2007 Ford Expedition and Ford Fusion helped with the outcome of the results.

While the report did not look at long-term quality, Ford’s Vice President of Global Quality, Bennie Fowler said, “It indicates what you”re going to see long-term.”

Now who said American cars weren’t reliable? Good job Ford, and goodluck on retaining your number 3 spot for as long as you can.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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