Report: Ford still considering sale or partnership

As the company struggles to recover from a $12.7 billion loss in 2006, Ford has not ruled out considering a possible sale or partnership as it closes plants and cuts jobs. In an interview with Portfolio magazine, Ford’s Executive Chairman, Bill Ford Jr., said that the company has considered every possible option to bring the company back up on it’s feet.

“Merge with another company, go it alone, sell off the brands, have the family pull out and get rid of their B stock — there are a billion things that could’ve happened,” Ford told Portfolio.

Ford has cut about 45,000 jobs and closed more than a dozen plants and gave compensations to CEO Alan Mulally that valued at a total of $39.1 million. That’s the way to do it!

Our take: Get rid of the Taurus, sell Lincoln, bring ALL European models to the US, put the Ford Interceptor into production, advertise the hell out of Ford Edge and give the Mustang a totally new competition killer look. And if you’re CEO really cares about having the respect and reputation of a ‘turnaround man’ stop paying him more than he needs to live his lifestyle.

Source: Reuters

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