Volkswagen America gets ‘OK’ to expand lineup

Adrian Hallmark, Vice President of Volkswagen America, has been pushing the board to expand the US vehicle lineup for some time now. Finally, Hallmark can breathe a sigh of relief after his plan has cleared major obstacles set by his German bosses.

“The specific products we requested have been through an absolutely critical review process, in detail,” he told Automotive News. “Small details have been changed, but nothing that will fundamentally threaten the cars or the timing.”

The new vehicles include:

    – The Tiguan small SUV.
    – A Passat-based four-door with coupe styling.
    – A minivan developed jointly with Chrysler.

The Volkswagen Tiguan will hit US shores in the second half of 2008 priced under $25,000. The Passat-based four-dour coupe (which could be the car we posted spy shots of last week) will have a sportier roofline and will be positioned below the Passat. The minivan, called Project ‘M,’ will make its official debut in the second half of 2008 built in collaboration with Chrysler based on the new Town & Country.

A Volkswagen Phaeton replacement is also in the works.

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