That’s Absurd: Prius fails Georgia emissions test due to fuel saving feature

They say you have to keep moving forward with the times, but Georgia unfortunately is milking its outdated systems for all they’re worth. The Toyota Prius is one of the most eco-friendly cars out there, so why does it fail emissions test in Georgia? Well, when the Toyota Prius is set to 2,500 rpm on the tester, it shuts off the engine to save fuel like it’s made to do. So what does Georgia do? It fails the Prius in emissions testing.

Instead of moving forward with the times and adapting to new hybrid technology, Georgia forces owners to pay a $25 testing fee for an “aborted test.” Not only that; in order to get permission to buy a license plate for their Prius, owners must take their failed certificate to a waive center to be able to drive eco-friendly.

Source: CNN (via AutoBlog)