Rumor: Bluetec based Mercedes AMG diesel in the works?

Europeans love diesels like they love their own mother. Okay, well maybe not that much, but enough to stay away from the market momentum, which is on its way to pump out petrol-hybrids for a greener environment. BMW announced yesterday that they will not be considering a hybrid car until unless its more economical than a diesel car and now, in a report made by TheCarConnection, Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division is rumored to be working diesel-powered performance car.

“In the near future,” Mornhingweg, AMG’s Boss, said AMG must add more green technology, though the challenge is to balance emissions, mileage and performance. “We have the opportunity,” he hinted, “for both hybrids and diesels.”

So now we’re wondering, if AMG has the opportunity and the man power to work out all the kinks, why don’t they get a move on and put out a green AMG model that uses Mercedes’ Bluetec technology? Well, mainly because AMG wants to be sure that the AMG diesel model will be a success in the United States where diesel is not so popular. United States accounts for half of AMG sales.

Until then, we can just dream of a beautiful AMG and the United States getting a move on with diesels.
Source: TCC (via WindingRoad)