Say it isn’t true: VW to sell Lambo and Bugatti after Porsche takes over

At first when we heard Porsche was taking out $46.67 billion dollars to take over Volkswagen, we were very excited about the move. But now in a recent interview with AutoCar Porsche boss a Volkswagen board member are saying that once the Porsche deal goes through, Volkswagen could get rid of Bugatti and Lamborghini. When AutoCar popped the question during the interview, Weideking said “˜no toys anymore”.

The main reason for the disposal of the two brands is to raise funding and concentrate on making Volkswagen a global leader. Not to mention Weideking is a little pissed off that when Prosche buys Volkswagen, Porsche won’t be the flagship supercar brand of the company.

Rumors are now saying that Bugatti will be downgraded, Lamborghini will be thrown away, like Ford threw away Aston Martin, and Porsche will take over by building an ultimate supercar that will top Bugatti’s top speed record.

We’re just wondering: what about Audi?

Source: AutoCar