BMW thinking of diesel-hybrids with next-generation 5-Series

German automakers have always promoted diesel powered cars over petrol engines and even when its comes to hybrids, they believe that diesels are up-to-par with fuel-efficiency when compared to petrol-hybrids. So it comes as no surprise when BMW said they will not launch a hybrid unless “it is more economical in the real world than a diesel car,” a senior company engineer has told Autocar.

“Hybrid cars are very good for slow and stop-start driving but not so good at higher speeds. Overall, our diesel vehicles are still more economical,” said the BMW source in an interview with Autocar.

One main lead BMW”s Chairman Norbert Reithofer pushed at BMW 2007 Annual Account Press Conference was EfficientDynamics, BMW”s new term for their green strategy. While hybrid technology in collaboration with DaimlerChrysler¬†is a¬†major element of the EfficientDynamics strategy, it seems BMW has no plans to go hybrid unless diesels are involved.

BMW”s said that it’s first hybrid vehicle is expected to be a variant of the next-generation 5-series followed by the X5 SUV. It said that the first model would be launched in 2010.

Source: AutoCar (via motorauthority)