Spy Shots: Is this the next VW Jetta, or a VW ‘Logan?’

When we first saw these shots we thougt this is probably the next Volkswagen Jetta, but supposedly Volkswagen is working on a new model, being called the ‘Logan’, which is said to compete with Renault/Dacia’s Logan¬†as an affordable family car. The Volkswagen ‘Logan’ is supposed to be larger than the Jetta and positioned between the Jetta and the Passat and will be developed in collaboration with Magna Steyr.

Also, with the Volvo S40 (show in the back of the photos), following this Volkswagen test mule, you can assume that this car is positioned at a different segment than the Jetta. But why does the front of the car just screams Jetta to us? Well, whatever it is, we hope we find out soon.

Source: caradisiac