Audi Locus Concept: a look at the future TT

Ugur Sahin’s Audi Locus Concept has attracted over 13,000 visitors to the designer’s website and now it’s one of the entries in this year’s Mich­elin Challenge Design competition. The Audi Locus concept takes design cues from Audi such as a dome-shaped roof and a deep Audi grille, so-much-so that Ugur’s Audi Locus concept almost looks like a more aggressive and muscular Audi TT.

Winner of Michelin’s Challenge Design competition, which attracts artists from 51 countries, get the chance to see their work come to life and put on display at the next Detroit Auto Show. Goodluck Ugur and great job with the design.

Audi Locus Concept Gallery:


Source: ugursahin1234 (via AutoExpress)