Poll: Can Hyundai take on BMW or Mercedes?

Even though the launch of the Hyundai Genesis concept at the 2007 New York Auto Show was very successful, we still feel the Korean company should take a step back and think twice before taking stabs at brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. We don’t even think Hyundai has reached the caliber of Honda, Toyota or Nissan, so targeting the luxury car market and hoping to compete against BMW or Mercedes-Benz seems a bit ridiculous.

While we’re very impressed with the Hyundai Genesis concept, we think Hyundai should focus more on blowing cars like the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry or Nissan Maxima out of the water, rather than taking on the BMW 7-Series or the Land Rover LR3 (which it compares its Azera and Santa Fe to in recent commercials).

Hyundai would be more successful offering the production version of the Hyundai Genesis, which is packed with luxury and numerous technology options under $30,000, as a competitor of the Accord, Camry or Maxima.

Let us know what you think and take the poll below.



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