Ford CEO makes $39.1 million for four months

Even if Ford is in the dumps after its $12.7 billion loss in 2006, its CEO, Alan Mulally, is one happy camper. After his first four months on the job, Mulally received compensations that valued at a total of $39.1 million.

The total included his salary of $666,667 for 2006, which is a prorated amount on the $2 million annual salary Ford agreed to pay him, $17.5 million hiring bonus and $11 million that was paid to offset performance and stock options that he gave up when he left Boeing.

Mulally also received $334,433 in other compensations.

Mulally took over as CEO of Ford in September of last year after Bill Ford stepped down. Mulally has experience in facing challenges at Boeing similar to the ones facing Ford in the present.

Source: MSNBC