2007 Shanghai Auto Show: GM to unveil ‘next iteration’ of the Volt

Hoping to prove the naysayers wrong, GM said Monday that it will unveil the ‘next iteration’ of the plugin concept at the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show. Reports started making headlines in late March that Chevrolet’s Volt may never see the light of day due advances in battery technology and other obstacles that GM was facing. After inviting a group of press to explain to them the problems delaying the car’s production, journalists started reporting that GM will eventually unplug the Volt.

GM’s Bob Lutz fought back writing on GM”s FastLane Blog saying that “We”re not unplugging anything…I”ve said before that this is not a publicity stunt, but it”s as if people don”t want to believe it if we give them anything short of a guarantee of Volt delivery”¦ with an exact date, time and sticker price.”

Watch out for the next iteration of the Volt in Shanghai that will be held April 22-28. We’re excited to see what GM has up their sleeves.

Source: InsideLine