Volkswagen design chief: ‘We lost our way’ – new look in 18 months

“We lost our way,” says Walter de’ Silva, Volkswagen group’s new design chief. Silva was promoted February 1, 2007 leaving his previous job as Audi’s top designer. Automotive News reports that Silva is planning to give Volkswagen a new look when the next generation of Volkswagen starts to arrive in the next 18 months.

Production of the next generation Golf VI was delayed a bit after Silva became VW’s design chief. It seems that a lot of Japanese automakers are doing their best to take over Volkswagen”s top seller in Germany.

We’re fans of the current Golf, or Rabbit, and have a soft spot for the Touareg and Eos as well. But the Passat and the Jetta need a major overhaul. Let’s hope Silva turns things around for those two models.