BMW Z9: BMW to unveil Audi R8 competitor in Shanghai

The report of BMW developing a high-end sports car has been keeping us on the edge since May of 2006, but now BMW will finally unveil a concept that will compete with the Audi R8 and Mercedes-Benz SL at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 22. Automotive News reports that if the car goes into production, it will be called the Z9.

We’ve previously reported that the car will be build on the basis of the Z8 (pictured above), which BMW only produced 5,703 units of, but will be the same size as the 6-Series. The BMW Z9 is also expected to be priced way below the $130,000 price tag of the Z8, which we expect will be in the ballpark of Audi R8’s $109,000 to $118,000.