BMW 8-Series to make a come back as a four-door coupe?

Four-door coupes are currently a fast growing market. With the success of the Mercedes-Benz CLS, other luxury auto makers are realizing the need for a four-door coupe in their model lineup. Audi is already hard at work with Audi A7, which it confirmed earlier this March, and Porsche is almost done developing their Panamera. So what’s BMW’s answer? To bring back the BMW 8-Series as a four-door coupe.

Since the BMW 7-Series doesn’t fit the company’s sports car philosophy and will never be made as an ‘M,’ BMW CEO Reithofer is trying to push for the 8-Series to become the company’s four-door sports coupe.

The old BMW 8-Series saw the end of production in 1999, which was built in a V12 version that produced 300-326 horsepower and a V8 version that produced 286 horsepower. If the 8-Series goes back into production expect horsepower output to be substantially above 350.

Source: AutoZeitung