Sirius and Chrysler teaming up for TV in the backseat

Sirius Satellite Radio and Chrysler announced today that they will offer a backseat television service in DaimlerChrysler cars and minivans later this year. Starting in the 2008 model years of Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler, Sirius will offer three live child-themed TV channels, including Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

The cost of having live kiddy channels in your backseat? Well first you have to buy Chrysler’s rear seat entertainment package (pricing not announced yet but we’re guessing it’ll be well over $1,000) and then and additional $470 for the first year of service. After the first year of service TV service will be $7 a month. Of course that’s $7 a month only if you have the Sirius Satellite Radio for $13 a month.

We think that’s a complete rip-off for three kiddy channels. Make your little ones finish watching their cartoons at home, or get a DVR so they can watch it later!

Source: CNN