VW’s Wolfsburg plant produces 25 millionth Golf

The 25 millionth Volkswagen Golf rolled of the production line at Volkswagen Wolfsburg plant. The very first Golf was made there in 1974 and now 33 years and four generations later a Golf 1.4 TSI fitted with DSG transmission and finished in tornado red, became the 25 millionth Golf produced.

The Wolfsburg plant is the largest vehicle factory in the world under one roof. The factory grounds cover an area of 6.057 square kilometres ““ large enough to contain the Principality of Monaco. It has its own hospitals, a train station and its own road network totalling 75 kilometres. The two power stations at the plant also supply energy and heat to the town of Wolfsburg.

Due to the large demand for the Golf, Volkswagen is adding additional weekend production shifts at its Wolfsburg plant.

Source: Volkswagen