Lutz to Volt naysayers: We’re not unplugging anything

We just reported this past Friday that GM was trying to kill the hype surrounding the Chevrolet Volt after it invited some journalists to explain to them the obstacles associated with putting the Volt into production. Well now Bob Lutz is speaking out against the naysayers (linking to Detroit News) that are down-talking the Volt. On GM’s own FastLane Blog Bob Lutz wrote “We”re not unplugging anything,” referring to the Volt.

“I”ve said before that this is not a publicity stunt, but it”s as if people don”t want to believe it if we give them anything short of a guarantee of Volt delivery”¦ with an exact date, time and sticker price.”

Lutz said that GM is not keeping any secrets from the public and that inviting 100 journalists and outside parties to join the Volt team was so they can keep the public up to speed in the progress of the Volt. The biggest obstacle that GM is facing with the Volt is battery technology, which is said to be years away from reality.

Lutz says that GM is 100 percent committed to making the Volt a reality. “This is probably the toughest and most exciting effort GM has undertaken. There is no turning back.”

Either way, we’re really excited to see the Volt become a reality, whether it’s tomorrow or years from now.

Source: FastLane Blog