GM hoping to unplug Volt craze

It seems that ever since GM unveiled the Chevrolet Volt at the Detroit Auto Show, the auto industry has been waiting on the edge of the seat to see it go into production. Hearing things like “If you lived within 30 miles from work and charged your vehicle every night when you came home or during the day at work, you would get 150 miles per gallon,” from Lutz gave every environmental fanatic something to dream of. But it seems like those dreams might be shattered and the Volt may never see the light of day.

And while Lutz did give the auto industry some hope that GM has set 2010 as a target date for the Volt to go into production, that statement depends on advances in battery technology, which unfortunately could be years away from reality.

At an event last week, GM invited journalists to explain to them the obstacles associated with putting the Volt into production and the slight possibility that the car will be hitting roads in the near future.

GM has a lot on the line with the Chevrolet Volt, as it widely considered an auto maker that is stuck in the past. Moreover that, the Chevrolet Volt could do wonders for GM if every produced in terms of competing with foreign competition on green technology.

Oh, and don’t forget, GM will be bringing the Volt to the New York Auto Show for more recognition!

Source: Detroit News