Volkswagen purchase of Proton very close: New small Volkswagen car to be 3L

Late February we reported the Volkswagen is working on a small and cheap car for emerging markets like India, Russia and China. AutoHaus is now reporting that the new small Volkswagen car in the works is going to be a 3L car, which refers to the fuel consumption of 3L/100 km (78.4mpg) or less.

Volkswagen is currently very close to strike a deal in taking over Malaysian carmaker Proton Holdings, said Kevin Rose of Financial Times, which will serve as the basis of the next Volkswagen small car going into production.

In 2005, Volkswagen stopped making the Lupo 3L, that consumed as little as 3 litres per 100 kilometers (78 miles per US gallon). The new 3L car may share specs with the Audi A1 with a price range of 6,000 to 8,000 Euros.

Source: AutoHaus (via AutoblogGreen)