Top 8 New and Upcoming Green Cars: Which is the best?

BMW’s CEO, Norbet Reithofer, stated it best when he said “the automotive industry is facing a fundamental paradigm shift,” at this year’s BMW Annual Account Press Conference. Auto makers are churning out hybrid variants of their original models in order to adapt to the environmentally-friendly shift and compete in the growing green market. Within the next 5 to 6 years, the automotive industry should also see a wave of dedicated hybrid models hitting up the market.

But with so many models and types of hybrid to choose from, consumers may get a little confused on which one is the best for them. Check out the list of the Top 8 new and upcoming green cars below.


Top 10 New and Upcoming Green Cars:

BMW Hydrogen 7: Fuel type – Hydrogen
Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD: Fuel type – Diesel
Ford Escape Hybrid: Fuel type – Gasoline
Chevrolet Volt: Fuel type – Electric with diesel or gas
Honda FCX: Fuel type – Hydrogen
Mazda RX8 RE: Fuel type – Hydrogen
Mercedes-Benz C220 BLUETEC: Fuel type – Diesel
Nissan Altima Hybrid: Fuel type – Gas
Lexus LS 600h L: Fuel type – Gas
Volkswagen Touareg BlueTDI: Fuel type – Diesel

Source: BusinessWeek