BMW to grow green plan while keeping eye out for Audi

Audi, BMW’s growing competitor, has been working hard pumping out some great vehicles recently, including the Audi R8, Q7, A5 and S5. It even decided to expand its ‘5’ line into a Q5 and its only a matter of time before the RS5 shows up. So how is BMW going to respond to Audi’s growing portfolio? Well, one main lead BMW’s Chairman Norbert Reithofer pushed at yesterday’s BMW 2007 Annual Account Press Conference was EfficientDynamics, BMW’s new term for their green strategy.

With the current CO2 debates around the auto industry, “the automotive industry is facing a fundamental paradigm shift,” Reithofer said.

BMW’s current EfficientDynamics strategy, outlined by Reithofer, includes the new BMW 118i which consumes 5.9 liters of fuel per 60 miles, the current BMW 320i which consumes 23 percent less fuel than the 1983 model, the current 525i model which consumes 33 percent less fuel than its 1982 model and the new MINI Cooper D.

Forecasting BMW’s EfficientDynamics strategy, Reithofer said that BMW is “about to launch new four-cylinder petrol engines with direct injection and lean-burn mode as well as new high-end diesel engines. They will first be available for the new BMW 1 and 5 Series vehicles.”

Hybrid technology is another major element of the EfficientDynamics Reithofer stated, “This is why we are currently working on developing a typical BMW solution as an “add-on” for our combustion engines. To this end, we have established a new cooperation with DaimlerChrysler.”

Its not that BMW hasn’t already added credibility to its claim of becoming a more fuel-efficient company. Between 1990 and 2005, BMW has reduced its fleet consumption in Germany by almost 30 percent. BMW has also demonstrated an example of driving without the use of fossil fuels with their BMW Hydrogen 7.

BMW vehicles have become safer and cleaner while at the same time offering higher performance and lower fuel consumption and with its EfficientDynamics strategy, the German company hopes to be more competitive amongst German rivals like Audi.

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