Toyota: Focused on cars and customers, not the Big 3

In an hour long interview, Jim Press, Toyota’s North American President, told the press at Detroit that Toyota is not trying to take down any of the big three auto makers in the U.S., but is focused on its customer satisfaction and making cars and trucks that people want to buy.

With recent reports on Toyota implying that the Japanese auto maker is headed on full force to take down the big three in the U.S., Jim Press told reporters that “We just continue to focus on how you can give better customer satisfaction, how you build better loyalty, how you can get better products to the customers.”

He went on to say “If there are some other companies that haven’t been able to focus as we have on products and customer satisfaction, they’re going through the adjustments now so they can.”

Recently, Toyota has been under some spotlight with its new 4×4 truck, the 2007 Toyota Tundra, that is said to be the answer to the big three trucks. The Japanese company even took the number 3 spot from DaimlerChrysler AG”s Chrysler Group in the United States.

Source: DetNews

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