Now that Aston Martin’s gone, is Jaguar next?

Ford announced yesterday the sale of its premium sports car segment, Aston Martin, which was sold to a group made up of David Richards, John Sinders, Investment Dar and Adeem Investment Co. The company was sold for £479 million ($925 million). Now that Ford has some of the much needed money after its $12.5 billion loss in 2006, is the struggling Jaguar to go next?

Jaguar has been in trouble for some time now, so much so, Ford is helping Jaguar dealerships stay in business until the arrival of its much anticipated, Jaguar XF in April 2008. Sales and popularity of the ‘cat’ have been dropping for a while now.

But parting with Jaguar will be difficult for Ford, since it will put Ford out of the ultimate-luxury brand. Even 007 might be a little angry with Ford if they got rid of Jaguar since he is supposed to drive the next Jaguar XF in the upcoming Bond movies.

Why didn’t Ford just sell Jaguar instead of Aston Martin? Well, it seems like Ford is putting a lot of its hope on the upcoming Jaguar XF with the success of its C-XF concept.

Source: BusinessWeek