Top 10 Hardtop Convertibles in 2007

Soft-top convertibles seem to be disappearing slowly. Even BMW released their new 3-Series convertible in a hardtop for the first time ever. The main reason most auto makers are switching to hardtops is because they offer quieter, safer, and a better handling ride than soft-top convertibles. Yes, a hardtop convertible adds extra weight to a car, but we doubt you’ll be doing any performance driving with your top down. Anyway, check out BusinessWeek’s list of the top hardtops in 2007.


Top 10 Hardtop Convertibles for 2007:

Mazda MX-5: $24,945

Volkswagen EOS: $27,990

Pontiac G6 Convertible: $29,330

Volvo C70: $39,090

BMW 328i Convertible: $43,975

Mercedes-Benz SLK280: $44,125

Lexus SC 430: $65,455

Cadillac XLR: $78,920

Mercedes-Benz SL550: $95,575

Chrysler Sebring Convertible: Not yet available

Source: BusinessWeek