GM hoing to make Chevy a worldwide success

GM is being a little ambitious and his hoping to make its Chevrolet brand a worldwide success by selling more models globally outside its home country, the United States. John Middlebrook, GM’s vice president of global sales, is saying that its only a matter of time before GM makes Chevrolet a global powerhouse.

GM is hoping to take on Toyota, which has been threatening to take the number 1 spot, and is hoping to take market away from Volkswagen and Honda.

“We’re going to reinforce that Chevrolet is the cool and distinctive lifestyle vehicle people already think it is,” he said. “We’d have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create an image like that.”

Chevrolet models that will most likely help the company succeed abroad include the Chevrolet Volt, a plug in hybrid, and its SUVs as well as the new Camaro that is due out in 2009.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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