Germans don’t care to see Chrysler go

What Germans once called a match made in heaven, they simply now regret the deal made nine years ago and don’t care to see Chrysler detach from Daimler. Since the CEO of DaimlerChrysler announced that “all options are under consideration” for Chrysler, Germans have looked back at the $36 billion deal regrettably saying that the mergerĀ of the two companies weakened them both.

“Mass and High Class don’t Mix” said Stuttgarter Zeitung, DaimlerChrysler’s hometown newspaper. The latest report on Chrysler’s future was that DaimlerChrysler AG is considering selling the Chrysler Group in return for a stake in GM. While DaimlerChrysler AG is still looking into possibility of a cash sale to private equity firms including Apollo Management LP, Blackstone Group, Cerberus Capital Management LP and Carlyle Group, the Chrysler group owner is also weighing the possibility of trading Chrysler for the GM stake.

Source: detroitnews