Top 15 Cars for Teenagers in 2007

When most parents go out to get their teenagers a brand new car for the first time, they usually look for the following: Affordability, Reliability and Safety. ForbesAuto put together a list of 10 cars that were under $20,000 and would be a good buy for teens in 2007. Now just to mention, you probably won’t turn many heads with these cars, but hey you’ll be safe, you’ll save your parents some money and your car will be reliable. That’s what its all about! Unless you’re a spoiled teen of course, then you may ignore this. Why isn’t the Mazda or Scion on the list? Come on!

Smart Cars for Teenagers in 2007:

Chevrolet Malibu: $17,805

Chrysler PT Cruiser: $15,200

Ford Escape: $19,780

Ford Fusion: $17,995

Honda Accord sedan: $18,625

Honda Civic: $14,810

Honda Element: $18,900

Hyundai Sonata: $17,345

Kia Spectra: $13,495

Mercury Milan: $19,445

Pontiac Vibe: $17,295

Subaru Outback wagon: $19,195

Toyota Camry: $18,470

Toyota Corolla: $14,305

Toyota Matrix: $15,410

Source: ForbesAutos