Photo Rendering: Next Volvo S40 to fight the 3-Series and C-Class?

Who really thinks of Volvo when they speak of BMW or Mercedes? Volvo has frequently been overlooked as a luxury automobile or even a performance car that could compete with the likes of BMW or Mercedes-Benz. But it seems like the company is working hard in getting its respect back and gaining more terrian in the fight of compact luxury cars. While the new Volvo C30 (a car that was supposed to compete with the BMW 1-Series and Volkswagen GTI) hatchback hasn’t been doing to well, Volvo is not about to give up just yet.

In a recent photo rendition of the 2009 Volvo S40, AutoZeitung, shows that the company is pulling away from its ‘boxy’ styling and headed towards a more sleeker and aggressive look. Rumors have suggested that Volvo will get rid of its S60 model and give it the S40 name to compete head-to-head with BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-class.

Source: AutoZeitung (via LeftlaneNews)