Cop charged for chasing speeding Ferrari

A southern Sweden cop was charged with chasing a Ferrari 360 Modena traveling at 186 miles an hour down the wrong side of the highway. Sederlin, the driver of the Ferrari 360 Modena, was on his way to a car event when he ran into another Ferrari on the road that started chasing him. Sederlin claims that he thought the Ferrari was chasing him because they wanted to steal his car when infact the other Ferrari was an undercover cop. When the police set up a road block to stop Sederlin, he decided to drive on the wrong side of the highway, after which ran into a side barrier.

While the incident took place in April 2006, both Sederlin and the policeman, have now been charged with careless driving. Prosecutors say they want to see how far police officers are allowed to go to stop dangerous driving.

Source: The Local (via topspeed)