Honda working on hybrid concept for Geneva Show

As we reported before on our Honda’s CEO Reveals Production Plan for 2007-2009 article, Honda is working on a dedicated hybrid model that will replace the Honda Insight which has seen the end of production. According to Autocar magazine, Honda will be unveiling a new dedicated hybrid concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Honda’s CEO, Takeo Fukui, said the production version will be on the streets in 2009.

No word on whether it will be a two-door like the insight or a four-door like the Civic Hybrid. Recent reports have suggested that the car could also be a plug-in hybrid. Honda reports strong sales of its Civic Hybrid in Britain which hit 1,000 in the six months after launch in 2006. Honda is also planning to offer a hybrid variant in its Accord lineup.

Source: Autocar (via motorauthority)

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