Honda tells US government to beef up vehicle fuel standards

Honda picked the perfect week to attack the US government since it will be running a commercial during the SuperBowl this Sunday which states the Honda is “The Most Fuel-Efficient Auto Company in America.” The Japanese automaker today that the US government needs to do a better job of getting more fuel efficient vehicles on the roads. It said that the US should beef up gasoline mileage requirements and offer incentives to consumers who buy vehicles that burn less fuel. The average fuel economy of a passenger car is 27.5 miles per gallon since 1985.

“We believe it is time for the federal government to take act ion to improve vehicle economy,” John German, manager of American Honda Motor Company’s environmental and energy analysis division, said in written testimony to a Senate Energy Committee hearing on fuel efficiency in the U.S. transportation sector.

“At the same time, Congress should develop a program of broad, performance-based incentives to stimulate demand in the marketplace to purchase vehicles that meet the new requirements,” he said.

Source: Reuters