Face off Friday: Which is a more “bling” SUV? Escalade, Denali or Range Rover

So what exactly is a “bling” SUV? Well according to the people that drive these BIG SUVs, a “bling” SUV is one that shows presence and of course shows off your money. So when you think about today’s Face off Friday, for a second forget performance, reliability and what’s under the hood. We spoke to some of the “bling” SUV drivers and the list comes down to the Cadillac Escalade, the GMC Denali and the Range Rover. Most drivers of these big show off vehicles throw on new wheels, a new shiny grille and amazing entertainment systems inside.

We think the Cadillac Escalade still holds the crown for being the ultimate “bling” vehicle since it looks amazing with big shiny wheels and a shiny grille. A Ranger Rover with chrome wheels just doesn’t cut it for us. What do you think? Check out the images before you make your decision.