Volkswagen: “Almost Every 5th Vehicle Sold in Germany is a VW”

Stefan Müller, Head of Sales Germany, Volkswagen Passenger Car brand said, “Almost every fifth vehicle sold in Germany is a Volkswagen.” And he has the right to be that proud of the brand since Volkswagen in 2006 had a market share of 19.9 percent making its models best-sellers in most market segments. Of course the new Volkswagen Golf and the Volkswagen Jetta were a big reason of the market share with new registrations of the two cars in December 2006 totaling 21,659 units taking 28.9 percent in the compact car class.

The Volkswagen Fox and the Volkswagen Polo lead in the mini segment with the Fox taking 19.6 percent in the mini segment market share and the the Polo taking 16.3.

The Volkswagen Passat stole the mid-class with 10,870 new registrations and a segment share of 22.1 percent.

Bernhard, who recentley stepped down as Chairman of the company, emphasised that Volkswagen would be further enhancing quality, customer satisfaction and service orientation in 2007. “˜We already made significant progress in customer satisfaction last year with improved vehicle quality and innovative service concepts, and will be continuing along this path with uncompromising determination.”

Source: Volkswagen (via automotoportal)