007 to Drive Jaguar XF in Bond 22

So in Casino Royale we saw a new Bond who at first didn’t really impress us until we saw him on screen. Now it is being said the the next Bond movie will show a new car since Ford has put Aston Martin up for sale since last year. MI6, previously a James Bond news site, reports that Ford is now pushing Jaguar has the new Bond car brand and says that it will be the new Jaguar XF four-door sedan that is due out in 2008 at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. Jaguar just released the C-XF Concept which is supposed to hint at what the next XF will look like. Ford still has a three-film, $100 million contract for product placements in the Bond movies.

This means Daniel Craig will be driving a four-door car that has a 4.2 liter supercharged V8 engine that produces 420 horsepower with 368 ft-lbs of torque. We really hope this makes it to the production version soon.

We predict that Ford is most likely to just give the Bond movie the C-XF Concept rather than the production version Jaguar XF, since Bond movies usually have a car that is better than production model in the movies. As with the Aston Martin, Bond had the DBS9 which seemed hotter than the DBS. The new Aston Martin DBS will be going on sale later this summer and will cost between £160,000 and £170,000. Only 300 will be made.

Source: CoolBrit

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