Report: Honda Bringing 4 New Concepts to Tokyo Auto Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon Show is coming up on January 12th and will run through January 14th and Honda is getting ready to launch four new concept cars at the show. Honda will be officially unveiling the new Honda Fit Daily Active, Honda Forza Smart 2, Honda Stream Hyper minivan and the Honda Stream Exclusive.

The Honda Fit Daily Active Concept, which is a new concept of the Honda Fit and has gizmos like a “aroma diffuser,” allowing drivers to add a personalized smell to their cabin. The car has cameras and sensors which are fitted on the exterior of the vehicle to help reduce blind spots. It also has LED daytime running lights on the bumpers and lower skirts that provide increased visibility. On the inside, welcome lighting and a 3-mode illumination system that allows occupants to select interior lighting color from three choices add to the relaxed atmosphere. The vehicle can also be equipped with a portable entertainment system combining navigation, game, inter-communication and audio-visual functions for use inside and outside the vehicle.

The Forza Smart 2-seater is a 250cc scooter and is equipped with the same portable entertainment system as the Fit Daily Active concept vehicle. Driver and passenger can communicate through a inter-communication system and music can be shared through the front/rear speakers. The LED headlights, LED front fog lights, welcome lighting and passenger backrest with built-in wing-type high visibility high-mount stop lamp also reflect the same up-to-date concept seen in the Fit Daily Active.

The Honda Stream Hyper minivan is Honda’s concept version of the Honda Stream.  Formed around a “Sculpted by the Wind” theme, the exterior has been designed for optimum aerodynamic performance. The vehicle is also equipped with a mobile communication-compatible AVN driving information system and an individual entertainment system allowing each passenger to enjoy personalized audio and visual entertainment.

The Honda Stream Exclusive Concept is medium-sized minivan offers a glimpse of what “˜premium” could mean in the near future.  The interior has lounge style to it, with the rear two rows of seats replaced by a single one for increased space and comfort. It also has LED-illuminated full leather lounge seats, 17-inch-wide screens and a high quality sound system.

Look out for all four concepts from Honda at the Tokyo Auto Salon starting January 12th.

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